15 Gallon - Fabric Planting Pots
15 Gallon - Fabric Planting Pots

15 Gallon - Fabric Planting Pots

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Starting in the spring of 2019. MTM will be selling breathable fabric garden grow bags. The dark fabric allows for the air and water to go through without allowing light to hit the roots. On each side are two handles made of tough material, so you can carry them to a new location. They have been a valuable asset for our company while we transplant flowers or trees. The plant recovers so much faster using these bags.

We will accept orders from 1 to 10,000. For your home, nursery, company or farm. The bags can feature your custom brand logo for an extra cost. 

Made of a preamble, breathable fabric with a number of benefits, coming n a variety of sizes to accommodate different kinds/sizes of plants. The sizes we currently use are the 5 gallon, 10 gallon and 15 gallon

- Aerates the root
- Prevents roots circling
- Regulates temperature
- Easy to move handles
- UV-Protected
- Durable & Washable
- Allows Water Drainage
- 5, 10, 15 Gallon Options
- Home Use or Bulk Order